With first-class research personnel and cutting edge facilities housed at the Vancouver Prostate Centre on the Vancouver General Hospital campus, PC-TRiADD’s research focus is aimed at discovering the reasons for cancer progression and treatment resistance at the molecular level and using this information to develop new services and products to improve cancer outcomes.

Current research is concentrated on understanding the mechanisms of castrate-resistant prostate cancer, including the development and commercialization of new classes of drugs that may be more effective following hormone therapy failure.

In addition PC-TRiADD is working to discover new genetic markers and targets for the diagnosis and treatment of advanced prostate cancer.

PC-TRiADD benefits from a unique and valuable combination of in-demand technologies, human tissues, cancer models and clinical expertise within a unified entity; all of which support our research goals, but may also be accessed by our research partners.

While focused on prostate cancer, many of PC-TRiADD’s discoveries are useful in other cancers such as breast, lung, colon, and bladder.

Research activities at PC-TRiADD continue to generate intellectual property, novel products, patented technology, spinoff companies, and peer-reviewed publications and presentations.

By drawing on strong partnerships with national clinical trials, research networks, and industry, PC-TRiADD is able to accelerate new drug treatments into human trials, while promoting regional growth and investment in biotechnology, and improving patient care for Canadians.

For more information, visit the Vancouver Prostate Centre research page.